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Going Geothermal

Your first question about Geothermal might be: what is it? Put simply: it’s the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to control the temperature of your home or pool. Belleview Heating & Air, Inc. is proud to offer Water Furnace, Florida Heap Pump and Bosch geothermal product options to our customers in Belleview, FL, and beyond.
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Geothermal vs. Heat Pumps

A renewable energy source using stored energy from the ground, Geothermal gives you complete, never-ending control of your home’s comfort level. Traditional heat pumps use five units of power or purchased energy, while Geothermal only uses one purchased unit and four from the ground. Plus, it doesn’t burn fossil fuels to the extent that a heat pump would.

Pros & Cons

This system isn’t for everyone! For starters, customers must have two acres of land available for the process to work. While geothermal is better for the environment and your wallet, some aspects of installing and maintaining the unit may give you pause.
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Geothermal Steps

The Good News

Save Money

Geothermal can cut between 20 to 80% of your total heating and cooling costs! Meaning, after a few years of billing cycles, the system essentially pays for itself.


Geothermal pumps can act as a source to heat water as well. Meaning, with a geothermal system, you get an air heating and cooling system and a water heater all in one! This saves you even MORE money down the line.

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal is a renewable energy source! Since the power comes from the ground, it will always be available and can be obtained at a much smaller rate than non-renewable resources. The system saves an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, is almost completely emission-free, and releases no carbon dioxide.

For Your Information


Geothermal is a relatively new concept, so it can be expensive to install. However, most customers find that they save more money in the long run.

Land Consumption

Geothermal requires a minimum of two acres of land in order for the system to be properly installed. Due to its loop system structure, it needs to be laid out in a horizontal pattern, but for an extra cost, it can be done vertically.

The Choice is Yours

Geothermal is certainly an investment — but it can have a substantial impact on our planet and your budget. If you’re considering it, please give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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